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Pandora Mobile 1.1.11

Streaming music with Pandora

Pandora Mobile is a comprehensive streaming music player for BlackBerry. View full description


  • Great audio quality
  • Comprehensive search


  • Related artists not always similar
  • Focuses on popular songs

Very good

Pandora Mobile is a comprehensive streaming music player for BlackBerry.

Streaming music is a great function of smartphones. Pandora Mobile on BlackBerry continues this tradition by offering a simple, but easily accessible app that can find a large variety of music.

Pandora Mobile has a simple interface where users can search for an artist and have a playlist designed around that genre of music. The search in Pandora Mobile is straightforward and the results are surprisingly wide. As expected, most United States musicians can easily be found; but the search in Pandora Mobile was also able to find international artists.

Using a data connection for music can lead to varied audio quality, but Pandora Mobile contains the option for normal or high quality streaming. Both streams in Pandora Mobile are impressive and the normal option is actually quite nice.

Though even with good playback, Pandora Mobile does lack a specified search function when considering different artists in a station. Searching for a Japanese rock band found the band, but the associated musicians were not of the same genre.

So Pandora Mobile is more geared towards better-known artists. Also with Pandora Mobile streaming the songs, each time a song is skipped there is a delay while Pandora Mobile searches for the next song.

Pandora Mobile is a great streaming music app, but don’t always expect similar genre bands.


  • Support for OS 7.0 BlackBerry Devices
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements
Pandora Mobile


Pandora Mobile 1.1.11